Dumpster Sizes

Here are the sizes that we have available. Please refer to these sizes (below) to gain a better understanding of which one will be right for your job. It’s always a good idea to call our Grand Rapids metro area office to see what sizes we offer and to ask any questions.

10 Yard Dumpster


The 10 yard dumpsters in almost always in stock. The 10 yard dumpster means that it can hold 10 cubic yards of waste. Call us today and we will help you decide if a 10 yard dumpster is the right type of dumpster for your needs.

We dispose of all household debris and construction debris. Give us a call to see what is prohibited to throw in the dumpster.

The 10 yard dumpster is a great choice for small spaces. It can fit into a car parking lot space which is perfect for driveway deliveries. We deliver this container with smaller trucks, which means that the impact and weight should not damage your driveway or property.

Common Uses:

  • Garage, small basement clean out.
  • Demolishing a 250-300 square foot deck.
  • 1500 square feet of single layer roof shingles.
  • Small kitchen and bath remodeling job.
  • Concrete demolition
  • Sod tear out
  • Dirt Removal

15 Yard Dumpster

15 yard dumpster - grand rapids mi

The 15 yard dumpster is a great choice among homeowners, contractors and businesses. You may have seen these sitting outside of buildings or on the side of a home construction project. This dumpster can hold 15 cubic yards of waste. 

The 15 yard dumpster will carry 7-8 pick up truck loads. The weight limit on this size roll off dumpster is around 2 tons. Ask us how many free pick ups they will do during your rental period so you can capitalize on throwing more junk away.

This is the perfect dumpster for you if you are a business that routinely has junk that needs to be thrown; businesses such as grocery stores and manufacturing businesses take the most advantage of this. The 15 yard dumpster might just be the dumpster size you have been looking for to assist your project needs.

Common Uses:

  • Basement remodeling and small to medium kitchen renovations
  • Medium size garage, shed, and basement cleaning
  • Removing a deck up to 250 square feet
  • Landscaping and yard debris pickup

20 Yard Dumpster

20 yard dumpster - grand rapids, mi

The 20 yard dumpster is the most popular size due to it’s size and versatility.  It’s big enough for most construction jobs, demolition jobs, and just about any home and landscaping project. It’s also small enough to easily fit in your driveway.

A 20 yard dumpster holds 20 cubic yards of waste and common dimensions are 23 feet long x 8 feet wide x 4 feet tall. 

It holds around 8 – 10 pick up truck loads.  The weight limit for the 20 yard dumpster is 4 tons.  Ask us  how many free pick ups we offer during your rental period so you can capitalize on throwing more junk away.

This is the perfect dumpster for many businesses and homeowners because of it’s versatility. If you are unsure if you should go with a 15 or  20 yard dumpster, going with the 20 yard dumpster is probably going to be a safe bet for a little more money.

Common Uses:

  • Cleaning of a large basement, attic, and garage.
  • Flooring and carpet removal for a large house
  • Removal of a 300 – 400 square foot deck
  • Removal of a 2,500 – 3,000 square foot single layer shingle roof
  • Siding and window replacement for small – medium size houses
  • Shrub, brush, and tree removal
  • Remodel of bathroom or large kitchen
  • Concrete, not completely filled

30 Yard Dumpster

30 yard dumpster - grand rapids mi

The 30 yard dumpster can hold 10-12 pick up truck loads and approximately 4 tons weight limit. A 30 yard dumpster will hold 30 cubic yards of debris. The 30 yard container is used for large construction projects and home building; when the 20 yard dumpster just won’t do the job, you can count on the 30 yard roll off dumpster to get the job done.

Common Uses:

  • Major home editions
  • Building a new home
  • Demolitions of large decks, sheds, and garages
  • Commercial roof tear offs
  • Landscaping large areas

40 Yard Dumpster

40 yard dumpster - grand rapids mi

The 40 yard dumpster is only used for the largest projects usually including the construction of a building.

Common Uses:

  • Commercial building complete side, window replacement
  • Commercial or large home complete roof tear offs
  • Commercial or large home construction